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100 Maxims of Guidance

100 Maxims of Guidance

100 Maxims of Guidance, Ostad Elahi, Robert Laffont, 2000

100 Maxims of Guidance is a collection of short extracts and sayings from Ostad Elahi’s books and oral teachings. Beautifully illustrated with collages from Andre Marzuk’s Polylobes, “100 Maxims” presents ethical and spiritual reflections that serve as a brief introduction to the universal thought of Ostad Elahi. Far from a series of general aphorisms, “100 Maxims” provides practical precepts that invite the reader to engage in a daily practice of self-balance and self-control, thoughtfulness and compassion, and heartfelt confidence in one’s Creator. This elegant book will not only inspire you, but also comfort and encourage you in your day-to-day life and spiritual practice.

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