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The e-ostadelahi.com site is a participative site that is open to any contribution meeting the objectives of the site. In order to achieve a level of coherence and quality for the site, the editorial committee is commissioned to read all articles submitted, comment on them and moderate.

The simplest way to participate is to comment on the contents published on the site. When posting a comment, users are invited to avoid all forms of pointless argument, of propaganda and of abusive comments toward the author, another commentator or any other individual. Even if contradictory, all comments are to be written in accordance with the respect and consideration due to others. This provides an opportunity to put into practice the golden rule that Ostad Elahi held so dear: “do unto others what you would like them to do unto you”, whether “others” be the authors of articles or other visitors of the site.

Should you desire more involvement, you can become a contributor by submitting content that may or may not correspond to one of the site categories (article, review, practice, etc.) Any content relating to Ostad Elahi’s philosophy will be welcome, as well as any information, analysis, or personal account relating to ethics, philosophy or spirituality in general. Contributions are made available under the Creative Commons contract, based on voluntary participation.

General guidelines regarding the form of your contributions:

  • Avoid lengthy articles (no more than 2000 words)
  • Give the article a title
  • Avoid lengthy paragraphs or sentences
  • Create paragraphs and insert subtitles for articles that are longer than 1000 words
  • Use italics for quotes and indicate the references in parentheses after the quote (not in a footnote).

The editorial board will never alter the content of an article without the approval of its author. However, they will correct spelling mistakes, improve syntax and layout when necessary and occasionally decide to change the title of an article to make it more attractive to potential readers. They may also add an introductory paragraph, as well as tags and categories related to the article. Finally, they may add an introductory picture to enhance the appearance of the article.

The editorial board might invite you to improve or correct your contribution; they may even reject it. We hope you will forgive us should this occur, but sometimes there is no other choice. Causes for rejection may include: problems with the form (incorrect language, heavy style, too long or too short a text, etc.), or with the content (e.g. inadequate, inaccurate, imprecise, faulty, or not interesting enough), or even worse, slanderous or proselytizing remarks.

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