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The site is organized into 5 main categories that are displayed on the home page of the site and available in the vertical navigation box in the upper left corner of every page:

  • Articles: Analyses developed by various contributors on themes relating to Ostad Elahi’s philosophy or more generally on questions of ethics and spirituality.
  • Lectures: Multimedia lectures, lasting 10 to 30 minutes, and including commented slides, images and video extracts.
  • Interviews: Interviews of well-known personalities.
  • Practices: This section consists of two different content types: the collection of personal real-life experiences on the one hand, and suggestions for approaches to ethical and spiritual practice on the other.
  • Readings: Presentation of various books with topics relating to the themes of this site

The contents are contributions that are published on the site as they are posted, in a way similar to what is done in “blogs”; they can be voted and commented on.

Other contents

Other contents are available by clicking on the top horizontal bar of every page:

  • About: Presentation of the objectives of the site and of its founders.
  • Conceptbox: Presentation of the key concepts in Ostad Elahi’s philosophy.
  • Resources: Presentation of available resources that are directly related to Ostad Elahi’s ideas: transcriptions of symposia, bibliography, extracts from books and magazines.
  • Links: list of sites that are directly related to Ostad Elahi and his works.

These contents are static pages that do not change much and cannot be voted or commented on.

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