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On listening to lectures (excerpt)

By - Jul 22, 2012 - Category Readings (excerpts)
The art of listening

Judging lectures by how beneficial they are One ought therefore to strip off the superfluity and inanity from the style, and to seek after the fruit itself, imitating not women that make garlands, but the bees. For those women, culling flower-clusters and sweet-scented leaves, intertwine and plait them, and produce something that is pleasant enough, […]

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The path of Perfection (Chapter 1): The meaning of life

The Path of Perfection

Once we understand where we have come from, why we are here, and where we are going, we will realize what we must do; from then on, we will no longer remain in a state of confusion[1]. Life is meaningful, and existence is not without purpose. We are neither created by chance, nor will we […]

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