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Foundations of Natural Spirituality

Foundations of Natural Spirituality

Foundations of Natural Spirituality, Bahram Elahi, Element Books, 1997

A professor of pediatric surgery, Bahram Elahi, M.D., uses medicine and its terminology to examine the metaphysical dimension of human beings in unprecedented fashion. Drawing sharp and vivid analogies to cellular biology, the immune system, and ecology, Professor Elahi presents spirituality as a precise and experimental science, complete with its own axioms, laws, and theorems.

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  1. Eileen Apr 20, 2011 9:05 am 1

    I found this book quite difficult to comprehend when I first read it. Now, thanks to the subsequent lessons and books Prof. Elahi has written, it is amazing to me, how much more understandable this book is to read. For an example, check out subjects presented on pages 105-107 (in the English version), Prof. Elahi writes the ‘Conclusion’ to Study 6, and then answers some questions. For me, it is like many of the pieces of the puzzle have come together.

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