The Ostad Elahi Foundation (La Fondation Ostad Elahi)

www.fondationostadelahi.comAs both a government-sanctioned public interest foundation and a nongovernmental organization in special consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, the Ostad Elahi Foundation for Ethics and Human Solidarity (Fondation Ostad Elahi: éthique et solidarité humaine) represents one of the finest and most prolific examples of Ostad Elahi’s thought and philosophy in service of the public good.

Throughout the year, “Fondation Ostad Elahi” supports and presents numerous activities and programs relating to applied ethics in diverse fields such as education, communication, social research, and management. Its president and founder, Prof. Bahram Elahi, M.D., has described the overall goal and spirit of the foundation as follows: “Ostad Elahi developed a line of thought that transcends confessions, rituals, and dogma—one that is in a sense transversal to all beliefs—for his primary concern was to enable human beings to naturally cultivate their inner selves. He thus sought to explain the processes at work in the application of ethics and to set forth the principles adapted to our inherent nature, the practice of which culminates in a genuine spirit of tolerance and solidarity”. | © 2024 - All rights reserved | Terms of Use | Sitemap | Contact