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Medicine of the Soul

Medicine of the soul

Medicine of the Soul, Bahram Elahi, Cornwall Books, 2001

In the latest volume of Foundations of Natural Spirituality, Bahram Elahi, M.D., continues to build upon the analogy between the physiological processes of the human body and those of its intangible counterpart, the soul or “psychospiritual organism”. Juxtaposing the science of medicine with that of the soul, the author presents a striking and innovative paradigm in which the anatomy, nutrition, hygiene, and therapy of the psychospiritual organism is discussed in clear and concrete terms. The result is the unraveling of spirituality as a vague and abstract realm, and the elevation of its status to an experimental, verifiable science adapted to the human beings of our time.

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  1. star Apr 03, 2011 6:52 pm 1

    The chapter on Thought and Education of Thought (Study 3 and 4) have some of the most important lessons, in my opinion, on how to transform ourselves…for what are we but a collection of thoughts and intentions? A must read!

  2. Eileen Apr 20, 2011 8:08 am 2

    I really like the methodology Prof. Elahi utilizes in writing “Medicine of the Soul” as well as in his related books, “Spirituality Is A Science”, and “Foundations of Natural Spirituality”, and that is to write a chapter, and then follow up with a questions and answers’ section after each chapter “Study”.

    When I read “Medicine of the Soul”, I feel that Prof. Elahi is providing a medical prescription, only for our celestial soul/spirit (instead of the body). In Study VIII, ‘Spirituality & Analogy (Part II) The Intellectual Method’, we are instructed (page 141 in the English version of Medicine of the Soul), begin quote, “[…] adopting a correct spiritual method in this world requires sufficient knowledge of the laws governing the spiritual worlds”, end quote. On page 147, we are informed, begin quote, “[…] we are capable of discovering the laws of the spiritual world that concern us through our spiritual intellect”, end quote.

    The lessons Prof. Elahi provides in this concluding Study VIII, sort of ‘jumped out at me’, and I feel that understanding and learning them is so critical to our spiritual development, I needed to reference them.

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