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Self-knowledge and Perfection: excerpt of a lecture by Bahram Elahi, MD

After completing his surgical training at the University of Montpellier in France, Professor Elahi led a distinguished clinical and academic career as professor of pediatric surgery, serving as dean of several medical schools and publishing various medical textbooks. Parallel to his professional career, he has concurrently pursued the study of ethics and spirituality for the past forty years, following the path traced by his father, Ostad Elahi. This has resulted in the publication of several books, including Medicine of the Soul and The Path of Perfection.

Professor Elahi regularly lectures in Europe and North America. In October 2010, his talk in Paris focused on two key concepts in Ostad Elahi’s thought: self-knowledge and Perfection. Self-knowledge refers to active, concrete, in vivo knowledge of the powers that constitute our being, a knowledge that becomes more refined through the practice of true ethics, based on correct divine principles. According to Professor Elahi, everything else results from this, including the level of development reached by the “metabrain”, as well as the understanding and freedom that one can enjoy here and in the other world.

We thank Professor Elahi for allowing the release of this previously unpublished video excerpt.

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  1. Eileen Feb 14, 2011 4:42 am 1

    Thank you, Professor Elahi, for this lecture on self-knowledge and perfection. I found the contents shown from your lecture highly understandable and educational. In my opinion, the term you used, “meta-brain” provides a more “in-depth” and “to the point” understanding of our soul’s brain or “meta-brain”, what we need to do here with our life on earth to correctly develop our “meta-brain”, and how that will affect us in the other world. Thank you, again.

  2. David Feb 14, 2011 6:59 am 2

    Listening to this lecture, it all just fell in right in place. Now I honestly feel that I understand my destination and what I need to do to get there. And that really excites me!
    I always felt so good about the many things that I know. But Pr Elahi’s eloquent remark on that I shouldn’t turn my intellect into an archive of principles, was a complete eye-opener to me: none of them will advance my metabrain unless I put them into practice… But even if I only practice one of them throughout my entire life, that one will count and be with me forever. What an amazing web-site this is! Thank you e-OstadElahi.

  3. 2010 Feb 14, 2011 7:40 am 3

    Thank you very much for posting this beautiful and enlightening video.
    I never heard about the Meta brain before. What was interesting for me was the meaning of perfection.

  4. msmrangidan Feb 14, 2011 8:45 am 4

    Thank you for everything.

  5. Alex Feb 14, 2011 9:14 am 5

    Thank you so much for that great introduction on Self-Knowledge, Perfection, and Divine Ethical Principles. Very powerful and intriguing.

  6. Sergy Feb 14, 2011 10:08 am 6

    Thank you for all your efforts.

  7. Gitapanahi Feb 14, 2011 1:25 pm 7

    Thank you so much for sharing this great lectures and enlightening video.

  8. saeid Feb 14, 2011 1:37 pm 8

    I just can say ” amazing “

  9. Afsaneh Feb 14, 2011 3:09 pm 9

    I feel full of energy and motivation after watching this video. Thanks a lot to E-OstadElahi website for sharing these valuable videos with us, I feel like I attended the lecture in person 🙂

  10. NN Feb 14, 2011 4:11 pm 10

    Thank you for this video! Knowing the role of self-knowledge and practicing divine ethical principles helps us understand more on a daily basis. It was truly excellent.

  11. Maya Feb 14, 2011 4:19 pm 11

    Thank you very much for every single word we learn.

  12. P Feb 14, 2011 7:46 pm 12

    A great video! It is really educational.

  13. nahjaf Feb 14, 2011 8:19 pm 13

    Words cannot convey the profound effects of Pr Elahi’s insightful teachings. Explaining self-knowledge in terms of knowing in vivo the “powers” that constitute our being, which are similar to electromagnetic waves, where each “power” can be simultaneously present throughout the entire soul and exert its effect, opens a further scientific window of understanding in the workings of the self. Equally, to understand perfection in terms of the development of the metabrain, based on the practice of true ethics originated from correct divine principles, is another fine example of the scientific and methodical clarification of that which we all aspire to.

  14. maxfarsh Feb 14, 2011 8:20 pm 14

    Thank you very much for uploading and translating this lecture.

  15. Sousan Feb 15, 2011 2:14 am 15

    Thank you very much. It was amazing and made my day. Thank you for every knowledgeable single word I learn.

  16. Marc Feb 15, 2011 4:12 am 16

    This was a wonderful presentation by Professor Elahi. One can read about these issues, but it is not as effective as actually hearing them. What will remain with me is his emphasis on the PRACTICE of “correct divine and ethical principles”. Also, many thanks to E-OstadElahi website for making this video available to us, with English subtitle!

  17. V&A Feb 15, 2011 4:31 am 17

    Thank you very much for this extraordinary lesson. It is so powerful that it has left an enduring impression on me. I’ve been contemplating the key ideas and points that Dr. Elahi makes throughout his lecture. Moreover, I’ve never known about concepts such as “correct divine and ethical principles.” I always thought that ethics is ethics! But now I see that only the ethics that originate from the Source is capable of fully nourishing the soul. Thank you again for informing us of these valuable lessons.

  18. As Feb 15, 2011 5:03 am 18

    What an inspiring lecture and great review of some of the concepts so beautifully explained in the books Path of Perfection (ch. 38: self knowledge) and Medicine of the Soul (chapter 2: the practice of ethics). Thank you for taking the time and translating it into English, even the slides were translated!

  19. Emily Feb 15, 2011 5:53 am 19

    Professor Elahi’s reference to “archiving principles” was a very effective visualization tool to understanding the importance and significance practice of divine ethics in gaining higher knowledge and understanding of the self.

  20. Dr Sam Parnia Feb 15, 2011 8:14 am 20

    As a medical and scientific researcher with over 14 years of experience in the newly developing and evolving field of consciousness I was greatly enthused by these very short yet highly informative clips from Professor Elahi’s lecture. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this short presentation for me was the fact that he has managed to present and define enormously complex topics which have baffled scholars for centuries such as “ethics”, “perfection” and “self knowledge” in such simple terms. In so doing he has made these complicated yet universally significant topics accessible to anyone (In fact some of the enthusiastic comments on this website may be an early indicator of this). Yet, clearly for anyone who scratches behind the surface, it is obvious that what lies behind is a very deep seated and profound knowledge of the field and it is this that enables someone like Professor Elahi present such highly complicated subjects in these seemingly simple terms.

  21. PK Feb 15, 2011 5:09 pm 21

    What a wonderful video! It is very interesting to think that the knowledge we gain in this world is exactly what will carry over in the next world. If that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is!

  22. Adel Feb 15, 2011 11:37 pm 22

    Thant you so much for such wonderful video.I learned and enjoyed too much from it. I can not describe by words how amazing and great it was.

  23. omid Feb 18, 2011 7:14 am 23

    just want to say : wonderful video,inspiring lecture and thank you all!

  24. Jake Feb 20, 2011 12:26 pm 24

    @All: It is all very nice to be so emotional and so “How wonderful it is! Thank you!” about this lecture, but why isn’t anyone discussing its contents? Also, posting enthusiastic comments cannot be taken as an indicator of these “complicated yet universally significant topics becoming accessible to the average reader” as it may in fact indicate quite the contrary: some readers, not having understood much of it, feel they must either hold their peace or drop in an “enthusiastic comment” for the sake of participating…

    I think it would be much more interesting to discuss the content of the lecture. For instance, what can it mean that our soul is made of “powers” that are like electromagnetic waves? What are these “powers”? Why use this metaphor of electromagnetic waves too? Or, what does it mean to come to know these powers “in vivo”?

  25. MKN Feb 20, 2011 4:23 pm 25

    I don’t know what “powers” of soul means ? I’ve never heard or read this before.

  26. EA Feb 20, 2011 6:17 pm 26

    I think Jake brings up a very valid point, E-Ostad Elahi has given us an amazing opportunity to listen to Prof. Elahi’s lecture however, it is essential that we not only appreciate it but rather try to absorb its contents.

    In Study VI of Medicine of the Soul, just in the first paragraph Prof. Elahi discusses the nature of these “powers.” Prof. Elahi states that these “powers” are comprised and emanate from both our psychospiritual organism and psyche, on pg. 107 Prof. Elahi states, “While the body is an organism composed of physical matter, the psychospiritual organism is composed of “spiritual matter.” In the questions Prof. Elahi elaborates, “Spiritual matter is a wave-like form of matter that is extremely subtle and has an unimaginable frequency…we could compare it, for example to a form of electromagnetic waves.” Lastly, “Each faculty of the soul simultaneously exists throughout the entire soul in the same way that various electromagnetic waves occupy a given space and can be detected at any point within the space.”

    Thus, I believe that the “powers” Prof. Elahi outlines in his lecture is the spiritual matter and the soul’s faculties. Moreover, these faculties exist throughout the entire soul and can exert their own profound effect similar to television waves or radio waves existing in space and exerting their own effect.

  27. Johnny Feb 21, 2011 3:52 am 27

    @Jake: I very much respect your comment that it is interesting to discuss the content of the lecture, and perhaps various particular aspects appeal to those who view it. For instance, some persons may have already have rigorous understanding of certain analogies used by Dr Elahi, and such may be sufficient to inspire them, whilst others may wish to reflect upon, or discuss, the meaning of a particular concept that is of interest.

    The analogy of electromagnetic waves is something that fascinated me, and from what I have understood, electomagnetic radiation is a wave form that carries both energy and momentum. Thus, it exerts a certain force on matter with which it interacts, but its particular effect depends upon factors such as its frequency. For example, whilst both microwaves and X-rays are types of EM radiation, they have different effects (such as cooking food or imaging). Furthermore, EM radiation comprises particles (called ‘photons’), but these do not have a detectable “mass”.

    As with EM waves, the soul’s “mass” cannot be detected, but it still exerts certain force (or effect), such as animating the body, defining our perceptions, discernment, choices, willpower, or facilitating a connection with the Source… This is dependent upon its own ‘frequency’, which can be intensified by the practice of correct divine ethical principles and virtues. For physicists, the detailed properties and powers of EM waves are evident to them. Likewise, the soul’s effects are evident to those who become familiar with it, and this is an “in vivo” process, meaning that it must take place within us and through our own efforts, as Dr Elahi explains.

    I must profess that I do not know much about physics, and so apologize for any inaccuracies and the lengthy explanation, but hopefully it provides a little elaboration upon a very thought-provoking analogy. Thank you so much to Dr Elahi for the lecture, to e-OstadElahi for this video upload, and to everyone who has commented upon it.

  28. titanium Feb 21, 2011 8:29 pm 28

    I agree with @jake, so without further expressions of emotions, I must say that I am still perplexed by the section about self-knowledge. For one, I have difficulty understanding how one can know God by knowing the powers within? I know a lot about myself but I don’t think I am anywhere close to knowing God. Second my knowledge of physics is minimal, so I really don’t understand how those electromagnetic-like powers, each can take over my mind entirely, and impose their presence in such a powerful manner e.g. when anger shows up, it takes over and within seconds when I realize I failed, a strong feeling of regret takes over before the thoughts of “s/he deserved it” comes in! Third, I wish I knew how-it-works? How deep should I go within and for how long, before I get to the point of self-knowledge and get to know God? Finally, I believe those electromagnetic-like powers fall beyond Gamma Ray in the spectrum? right?

  29. lise Feb 22, 2011 1:57 pm 29

    @MKN : “power” means a source of energy. At the same time, in philosophy (see Aristotle), the term means also a virtuality, something which needs to be developped through practice.
    @Johnny : thanks for explaining the “EM waves” concept.
    It seems clear that when I am overwhelmed by an unethical impulse, anger for instance, this anger is like a wave which invades the totality of my conscious self. I am this anger and I need a strong energy to get rid of this emotion and replace it by a more ethical thought.

  30. blake Feb 23, 2011 3:05 am 30

    Thanks to Johnny for the scientific explanation on the EM waves. If I may, I’d like to express my view from another perspective. The way I was thinking about Prof. Elahi’s EM analogy of the soul, was through the behavior of these waves. For example, we all know the signals transmitted from TV satellites are also a form of EM waves which can cover 3 to 4 continents simultaneously, and all the programs for all available TV channels will be present everywhere in those continents and at the same time. That is why TV sets in different countries using sat dishes can pick up the same channel and view the same live program at the same time. Also another group of people can be watching a different program at the same time. All this simultaneous presence is within the same signals being transmitted.
    Correct me please if I am wrong, the “powers” being referred to are good in nature, it is the way we have gotten used to using them is what can make them look bad.
    Having thought about all of that , one thing that stuck in my mind was that Professor Elahi clearly points out the importance of practicing the correct divine principles.
    What I understood, was that only through practice we can increase our knowledge about ourselves and develop our soul and take control of the powers within us.

  31. Behnaz Panahi Feb 23, 2011 5:54 am 31

    Thank you so much, it was very educational.

  32. Noel Feb 23, 2011 2:01 pm 32

    After viewing this excerpt of Dr. Elahi’s lecture at the Sorbonne, I realized that I have a huge library of “archived” principles. Rather than archive the ideas contained in this video as well, I thought that the best way to begin to become aware of the powers mentioned would be to try to put one of my archived ethical principles into practice and then try to observe and identify the powers that might manifest during that struggle.

    One principle that I have archived, especially at my workplace, is to observe the rights of others by not gossiping. In the guise of having to know what is “going on” at work in order to protect my position, I have permitted myself to gossip about work related situations. So I decided to dust off the archived principle of not gossiping and try to put it into practice at the office. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to gossip about someone at work. I quickly fell into my old habits and gossiped about one of my colleagues. During and after that experience, I noticed that my blaming conscience had become activated and I had the feeling that what I had done was wrong. Perhaps next time that conscience will become activated before I begin gossiping and help stop me from going any further. Or perhaps my transcendent willpower will play a stronger role or other powers will manifest. In summary, it is my understanding that it is in the process of the struggle of putting ethical and divine principles into practice that one can become aware of those different powers and gain greater self-knowledge.

  33. holess Feb 24, 2011 2:50 pm 33

    After viewing the clip – I became more excited to learn more about my strenghts and weaknes’s – and to try and delve within myself and see how I can be more honest about my intentions and actions.

    I have become more excited about practicing and respecting the rights of others more – as I feel that it will not just benefit others – but most of all myself!

    Thankyou for the short wonderful clips – I managed to follow them well and was able to focus as they were both short – and so , so very focused .

  34. maxfarsh Feb 24, 2011 8:03 pm 34

    Some points I observed within this lecture and tried to connect..

    A) It seems that there is different forms of knowledge and Prof. Elahi’s main concern is about self-knowledge. Archival knowledge if it does not lead to self-knowledge seems to not be important. Practicing divine ethics leads to us to self knowledge.

    Here are some random (and possibly incoherent) thought on EM waves and spirituality in light of the lectures and books of Prof. Elahi. Whether these random thoughts are correct or not, I am not sure. On the EM waves, one thing I wanted to note is the concept of information. When EM waves are transmitted through the atmosphere and beyond, what is really sent is information. EM waves can be passive or active. For example, a human shining a flash light is producing an active EM wave (yes visible light is the smallest portion of an EM wave) whereas the light emanating from the sun is a passive EM wave relative to us. Divine light according to Prof. Elahi nourishes the soul. I would presume divine light is like the sun, constantly shining, but we need to develop the spiritual senses to benefit from the divine light. Just like we need eyes to benefit from the light of the sun which allows us to see objects.
    The more we develop the spiritual senses, the more we may benefit from the divine light. Developing this capacity to obtain the divine light (through the divine ethics) is analogous to increasing the bandwidth. A radar or radio receiver can only take advantage of information available only if it has sufficient bandwidth for processing the information. For example, a voice mode cell phone cannot display real-time video due to limited bandwidth. Hence the voice only cell-phone is less perfect as it cannot obtain the same amount of information as a vide cell-phone. Thus practicing divine ethics is like increasing bandwidth in order to interpret and receive divine light (true knowledge or reality of things) which corresponds to self-knowledge.
    In other words, the point I take is that divine light which is can be allegorically interpreted as an EM wave is the source of all information. It is infinite information, just like theoretically, it may be possible that the EM spectrum is infinite. Real freedom, happiness and bliss (perfection) which is indescribable comes through receiving this light. Something is indescribable when the information it contains is much more than the bandwidth of the receiver trying to decode it. Divine light is transmitted all the time and everywhere. It is through this light that all information and true nature of everything is known. Just like the 3-D outer shape of things are known through the sun and inner information through other EM lights such as X-ray and beyond. Increasing self-knowledge is allegorically like increasing our own bandwidth. The more we increase this bandwidth, the more of the information (the infinite divine light) we can process and obtain true knowledge. However, to increase the bandwidth we need to be on Earth and practice divine ethnics. Other non-divine ethnics will either decrease our bandwidth or keep it the same. In a sense, divine ethics is what allows for higher-bandwidth that can process more of the information (allegorical EM waves which I take as divine light). I might also add as creatures (limited beings), it seems each soul or group of souls has a maximum bandwidth which they can reach. One we develop and reach that limit, then that is perfection. However this might be a relative infinite bandwidth where-as divine light is absolutely of infinite information.

  35. sue Feb 25, 2011 7:28 pm 35

    Like many of you, a particular part of this lecture has affected me differently. It does not skip my mind, and echoes in my head: “Self-knowledge means knowing the powers within your self”. I don’t know how to articulate it, this lesson made me suddenly feel or think of the enormousness of the Power of the Divine Spark within us…as if sunlight pervaded all around, and it dawned on me that this Divine spark or Divine light that we so casually speak of and know about its existence within us, is not a small thing! It is not a kidding stuff that this “Divine” light, this mind-boggling Power is within us. So, isn’t the Powers that emanate form our psyche that Prof. Elahi is referring to the same as the Powers of the Divine Light within us? In a larger scale, isn’t it similar to, really, paying attention to the existence of the power of gravity that exits in the universe and realizing what derives from it?!

  36. star Feb 28, 2011 4:13 am 36

    Thank you for posting this video. I also was interested in the concept of “electromagnetic waves” but only got as far as looking up a quick description on wikipedia…the explanations provided here were very helpful. This is a great forum.

  37. happi Mar 16, 2011 7:54 am 37

    Thank you for the wonderful video. The power of soul and electromagnetic waves is hard for me to follow and absorb. what I understand from this is- developing the meta brain will begin to open up the doors of communication between your psyche and your soul-self and God.

  38. star Mar 16, 2011 2:01 pm 38

    i was also a bit confused by the term Dr Elahi uses– in vivo. Why this term? In biology this refers to a phenomena that is observed in living system, as opposed to a petri dish. So does Dr Elahi mean that we should try to observe or discern the powers of our psyche in vivo? What other way would we do it? I think I am not quite grasping this concept, and I am sure it is full of meaning…what does everyone think??

  39. juneone Mar 16, 2011 6:19 pm 39

    Thank you for sharing this lecture with us. These words are so clear and the concepts zero into my being on such a fundamental level. For me, it is an essential weapon against my malaise: to be reminded that just storing principles has ZERO impact. Please keep us “nourished” with these types of videos as much as you can.

  40. Johnny Apr 02, 2011 4:51 am 40

    @star: Thank you for your comment on the expression, “in vivo”, which inspired me to reflect further upon the meaning of such a concept. From my understanding so far, it refers to directly observing, and paying attention to, the effects of the powers that emanate from within our own psychospiritual organism, rather than just being aware of them in a conceptual manner alone. The latter, “ex vivo” approach is not suited to developing our self-knowledge, as it cannot help us become aware of their effects in relation to ourselves. This is because the different ways in which these powers manifest can vary greatly, depending on the state of each person’s psyché.

    If we may take one particular example: In his book, ‘The Path of Perfection’, Dr Elahi discusses how the power of the imaginative faculty (which creates our awareness of details etc.) can cause traits such as deception, trickery or hypocrisy, if its energy is not under the control of our transcendent reason. Conversely, if its energy is deficient, this can lead to naiveté, foolishness, etc… In equilibrium, it engenders favorable attributes such as meticulousness, skillfulness and prudence.

    Naturally, it is in the interests our own development and ultimate happiness to bring such a faculty into a state of equilibrium, but in order to do so, we must firstly be aware of its effects, so we can recognize them within ourselves whenever they manifest. Following this, we can then analyze the results of our own efforts in bringing such a power under the control of our transcendent reason, so that it may ultimately create effects which are beneficial to ourselves and those around us.

    [Under the “Readings” section of this website, there is an excellent article on the ‘Path of Perfection’, which offers an insight into some concepts discussed throughout the book.]

  41. saman Apr 09, 2011 11:27 pm 41

    i want to say thanks for this kindness and just thank of all

  42. HA May 04, 2011 8:51 pm 42

    Amazing Video. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Hope to see more.

  43. maxfarsh May 10, 2011 8:47 pm 43

    Very interesting video… I found the portion about “inner meditation” while working and living in society to be intriguing. How does one go about accomplishing this or is it a state that is eventually achieved?

  44. star May 23, 2011 3:01 pm 44

    I have watched this video probably a dozen times, yet each time I watch it, a different aspect of it seems to just “jump” out at me! This time, it is the concept of how ridiculous it is to think that we can use thoughts to satisfy our hunger! In the same way, it is impossible to use “archived” principles to gain self-knowledge and progress on the path of perfection, and so we must actively do something everyday to “satisfy our hunger”. This was a very potent analogy for me to remember that daily activities are critical to successfully gaining self-knowledge…

  45. M.M. May 25, 2011 2:09 am 45

    Thank you so much for this enlightening video that light up my life.

  46. star Aug 21, 2011 8:40 am 46

    Does this forum agree with the notion that these powers (i.e. electromagnetic waves) could be related to the idea of the self as a type of “iceberg” (as analogized in Medicine of the Soul, pp 110) or a battery (such as in the podcast “Modele du Soi”) where a celestial and terrestrial pole exist? In this analogy, could we think of the electromagnetic waves as resulting from these poles? Furthermore, as discussed in previous posts, the frequency of these waves could be in a way controlled by the strength of one pole versus another, just like a magnetic field?? For example, if my terrestrial pole is very strong, the substance of my soul will dominate the imaginative faculty (an example of a “power” within us) and thus dis-equilibrate it in favor of my terrestrial pole?

  47. Johnny Oct 22, 2011 4:53 am 47

    It’s been a while since I last visited this lecture, so my apologies to those who had posted questions on this forum which haven’t received any response for such a long time!

    @maxfarsh: The idea of “inner (natural) meditation” while working and living in society, for a long time, was difficult for me to grasp. I think this is because, as creatures of habit, human beings tend to only absorb the principles and concepts that we are constantly in contact with. For example, through means such as advertising and other media, today’s society consistently encourages us to focus only on our material well-being, and adopt role-models from whom we can only learn very few things (such as how to dress). Thus, it is easy to become passive in our existence, further disconnecting our conscious self from the metabrain. As explained in the lecture, our metabrain develops depending on how we nourish it. However, before the stage of assimilating correct divine ethics and principles, we need to reflect on what these are, and how we can practice them within the framework of our daily lives.

    In ‘Spirituality is a Science’ (p 25), Dr Elahi describes that any act undertaken with attention, motivated by the desire to perform our duty as human beings and draw closer to the Source can be considered “natural” meditation – for instance, a doctor who treats his patients conscientiously, or a student who takes his studies seriously in order to be more useful to society. Initially, I think it requires more effort to reflect upon approaching our material life with a spiritual outlook – because this is an active process – but the more we do so, the more it becomes “natural” to us.

    @star: I know hardly anything about magnetic fields, but I agree with your point on the differing strengths of the celestial and terrestrial poles of our psychospiritual organism, and that they need to be brought into equilibrium in order for the powers that emanate from the self to manifest in a way that is beneficial to both ourselves and those around us.

    However, it’s unfortunately much easier said than done! All too often I notice that due to the immaturity of my celestial component, I simply yield to the force exerted by the terrestrial pole and thus fail to utilize these faculties in an ideal way (for example, losing patience or being greedy are excesses of my irascible and concupiscient faculties respectively). But I think that if we try to exercise certain fundamental principles in daily life, such as respecting rights, practising common sense, altruism and other time-honored virtues, then the self is gradually directed towards achieving a state of equilibirum. Any other thoughts, suggestions or advice on this difficult topic would be greatly appreciated!

  48. nahjaf Nov 06, 2011 6:38 pm 48

    I have transcribed this wonderful lecture. Though I have tried to transcribe it as accurately as I could, I cannot promise that it would be without any mistakes.

    Self-Knowledge and Perfection
    Indeed, to acquire self-knowledge, you need to do so through the knowledge of the powers that comprise, that emanates from your psyche. Because the soul is the psychospiritual organism, you see, and the psyche constitute a combination of powers. These powers are similar to electromagnetic waves: each power can be simultaneously present throughout the entire soul and exert its effect. [I don’t know if you understand this point or not…, well in any case, I do].

    So, self-knowledge means knowing in vivo, i.e. in contact with, the powers within yourself. Once you know all these powers, you know yourself, you know God, you know everything.

    But as long as you don’t know yourself, it is impossible to know God. You cannot come to know God through what others say. You must come to know Him through yourself and within yourself.

    On Perfection:

    Perfection means acquiring perfect knowledge of all the truths that exist is in the universe. So that with a mere glance, by simply paying attention to something, you can instantly understand its truth. When I say its ‘truth’, I mean nothing remains hidden about the being you are observing or the event you are witnessing. When we reach the other world, we will enjoy the same level of perfection that we had here, that is, the same level of understanding, of knowledge. And the extent of our freedom also depends on this knowledge. Over there, we are governed by what I have called the ‘metabrain’, i.e., a brain parallel to the physical brain that belongs to the soul. Here, our reason, or rather our brain, needs additional means limbs, muscles, tools, instruments to carryout the orders stemming from its will. But over, there, everything takes place at the level of the metabrain, and our willpower depends on our spiritual level. The higher your level – and what does ‘high’ mean here? It means being close to the Source, the better you understand, the closer you get to Perfection, the greater your will, your power, your strength and your freedom. The metabrain develops as a result what we feed it through our brain in this terrestrial life. What is the nutrient or what are the nutrients that build the foundations of the metabrain and promote its development? They result from the practice of correct divine and ethical principles. Why am I saying “divine and ethical principles”? Because nowadays there are thousands of different ethics; everyone has their own ethics. The divine and ethical principles originate from the Source in order to nourish the human soul. And don’t think that I am making up these principles; they exist. Consider all the main religions: the fundamental principles of all these religions, both divine and ethical principles, they are all the same, they don’t change. And it is easy; too” they are based on the observance of rights. They all stem from the same thing: observing rights. your own rights as well as the rights of others. When I say “others”, it includes animals, plants and minerals. Why do I talk about “the practice’ of these principles? You see, you should not turn your intellect into an archive of principles. If you archive the principles, you can archive the principles your whole life, you won’t advance a single micron in the development of your metabrain and you won’t move forward a single step towards perfection; you can be sure of that. Let’s take a trivial example: try, by solely relying on your thought – don’t do anything, use your thought – try to satisfy your hunger. Can you succeed in satisfying your hunger? You need to go and eat something. So, practice the divine and ethical principles. Even if you practice them only once in your life, it will still count and will remain with you.

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