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Spirituality is a Science

Spirituality is a science

Spirituality is a Science, Bahram Elahi, Cornwall Books, 1999

Faith and reason, belief and experimentation, spirituality and science: in our modern era, we have come to view these concepts as inherently dichotomous. How can spirituality be considered a science when the very foundation of modern science was established in contrast or even in opposition to certain systems of thought inherited from religious traditions?

Through a series of innovative and thought-provoking studies, the author redefines spirituality as an experimental science that is rooted in concrete and empirically verifiable realities. “Though the fundamental laws of true spirituality remain constant,” the author explains, “the practical application of its principles must be adapted to the intellectual and social developments of our time. In the quest to understand the metaphysical, one must not renounce reason and individual will, nor readily accept the arbitrary, for authentic spiritual laws always have a rational and satisfactory justification.”

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  1. Eileen Apr 20, 2011 8:36 am 1

    In “Spirituality Is A Science”, I find the analogies and diagrams so understandable. A person does not have to have a doctorate in Physics (although, in my opinion, it is utmost commendable to those who have worked so hard and earned such a degree), to comprehend what are really profound and ‘indepth’ teachings on Spirituality.

    Some years ago, I was walking my dog at night and I looked to the sky and the stars. I thought that I could never ever imagine how huge the universe is; that was totally beyond my comprehension, and still is, except for the diagrams presented on pages 58 thru 62 (English version) of Spirituality Is A Science. Without, Prof. Elahi’s books presenting Ostad Elahi’s teachings, I could never comprehend anything about the cosmos, universes, and most important what is necessary for us to accomplish during our life on earth to progress towards our spiritual perfection.

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