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A Radiant Personality

By - Feb 28, 2015 - Category Articles

This Februray 28th will be the 95th anniversary of Hadj Nemat’s departure. The following excerpts from Prof. During’s The Spirit of Sounds emphasize the particular circumstances that accompanied Hadj Nemat’s spiritual conversion and the process through which he gradually came to be known and revered as a mystical pole. They also contain indications regarding certain salient aspects of his personality, such as his unfailing faith and courage.

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Hadj Nemat’s life and works

By - Feb 27, 2013 - Category Articles
Hadj Nemat, Ziyâ al-Qoloub

Hadj Nemat, Ostad Elahi’s father, passed away on 28 February 1920. The 93rd anniversary of his departure is the occasion to look back at the life and works of this great spiritual figure. The following article, originally published by the Encyclopædia Iranica provides a brief yet detailed and well documented overview of who Hadj Nemat was and what he accomplished. The Encyclopædia Iranica has kindly authorised us to reproduce this article, the original version of which is available here.

For those who wish to learn more about Hadj Nemat’s life and works, more resources, including historical and biographical information, as well as photographs and testimonials, are available on the website

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Unfaithfulness of the world

By - Feb 28, 2011 - Category Articles

The following poem is extracted from the Book of the Kings of Truth, written in 1919 by Ostad Elahi’s father, Hadj Nemat. Composed from more than 15000 verses, this book recounts the life of the saints, prophets, and great spiritual figures of humanity. Narrative sequences alternate with more meditative passages in the form of prayers, […]

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