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“The Exercise of Attention-Dialogue”: a pillar of the process of spiritual perfection in a lab


After “Exploring our real self”, OstadElahi-inPractice now carries on with its series dedicated to the study and in-depth practical approach of the Fundamentals of the Process of Spiritual Perfection: A Practical Guide in a new lab tackling “The exercise of attention-dialogue”. Bahram Elahi already referred to this exercise in La Voie de la Perfection as “one of the pillars of the process of spiritual perfection”. In the Practical Guide it is the subject of a special chapter that can be considered a reference for both theory and practice. This chapter presents numerous “recommendations for a good practice”, providing students of the “new medicine of the soul” with many guidelines resulting from years of research and in-depth experimentation.

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“Exploring our real self”: a new lab on Ostadelahi-inPractice

Exploring our real self lab illustration

After “One character weak point after another – delving within our unconscious psyche”, elaborated from an extract of The Path of Perfection, OstadElahi inPractice, filled with enthusiasm for the recent publication in English of the Fundamentals of Spiritual Perfection: A Practical Guide, is now launching a series of labs dedicated to the study and in-depth practical approach of this book by Bahram Elahi.

The first lab of this series opens with the words that introduce the book and that perfectly illustrate, in both form and substance, the scientific approach of a manual of medicine.

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A handbook for students of the new medicine of the soul

Fundamentals of the Process of Spiritual Perfection: A Practical Guide - book cover

[Updated] “This path, Ostad Elahi would say, is not a path for words but one for deeds; only through action can progress be achieved.” But how are we going to take action? Where to begin? With what mindset should we set to work? The foundations of natural spirituality have been laid—a spirituality that Ostad Elahi described as “the new medicine of the soul”. They called for a practical complement, something like a student’s workbook. This need has now been fulfilled with the publication of this Practical Guide, which the author, Bahram Elahi, tells us will be followed by a forthcoming series of four additional volumes. Together, these five volumes will constitute the Fundamentals of the Process of Spiritual Perfection. The Practical Guide indisputably constitutes its core. Punctuated by inserts and diagrams, it has been designed as a handbook, and it is as such that we can make the most of it: the Practical Guide is the reference work for those who wish to study and practice the new medicine of the soul.

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Practising humanity in times of a pandemic


In dire times, it is not only human beings that are being tested, but the humanity in each of us. In the midst of generalised lockdown in place, here are a few reflections on the ethical significance of an unprecedented situation…

“My last point is practise humanity. We don’t talk about practising humanity, but now if ever there is a time to practise humanity, the time is now. The time is now to show some kindness, to show some compassion to people, show some gentility—even as a New Yorker.” Who spoke these words? The Governor of the State of New York, in a press briefing on March 21, 2020 to New Yorkers about the management of the coronavirus pandemic. That ethics should invite itself in such a way in political discourse is worth reflecting on. Other public voices out there struck the same chord: physicians, journalists, writers, etc.

I live in France, so when I realised that the ongoing situation was spontaneously interpreted by many in terms of what one should do as a human being, I had already been in lockdown for a week and it struck me as an echo of Bahram Elahi’s words in his latest book, Fondamentaux du perfectionnement spirituel : le guide pratique (Fundamentals of the Process of Spiritual Perfection: Practical Guide, forthcoming).

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