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The soul and the conscious self: excerpt 1 of a lecture by Bahram Elahi, MD (and other excerpts)

Bahram Elahi, The soul and the conscious self

Ostad Elahi used to define his teachings as a new medicine of the soul: one that is adapted to the true nature of human beings and adheres to the law of causality governing both their spiritual and material lives. The spirituality he practiced was natural spirituality, and he considered the process of spiritual perfection to […]

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Repression without reflection plays havoc with the soul

By - Nov 30, 2009 - Category Practice
chess and hand

The process of self-perfection, for Ostad Elahi, consists mainly in practising ethics. If I wish to perfect myself, I must see to it that the way I behave and whatever I do, say, or even think, be ethical. That sounds gigantic; it is, however, what we should be heading for. After all, perfecting oneself means nothing other than striving to achieve such a high goal. Having actually started practising, very soon we come to realise that ethical work involves, in the first place, battling against oneself. To work means to make efforts.

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The imperious self

By - Oct 29, 2009 - Category Conceptbox
The imperious self

In brief: in Ostad Elahi’s model of the self, the imperious self is the source of impulses within the psyche that imperiously drive us to act against ethical and divine principles and to violate the rights of others. Let us illustrate this with an example from everyday life. The following is Romain’s account of an […]

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