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Ostad Elahi’s thought in seven points

Ostad Elahi

Ostad Elahi’s thought could be summed up as the elaboration, both systematic and practical, of a natural spirituality. The term “natural” refers to a spirituality that corresponds to the true nature of humans, their disposition and deeper needs. Ostad Elahi’s approach to this natural spirituality is to have it adapted to the mindset and lifestyle […]

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For a practice of spirituality in the present


Let us begin with an excerpt from La Spiritualité naturelle (Natural Spirituality), by Bahram Elahi, to be published shortly. For people today, spirituality belongs to the past, a past one rejects or admires, but in any case, a past long gone by. In his introduction, Bahram Elahi challenges this viewpoint and suggests we adopt toward […]

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Foundations of Natural Spirituality

Foundations of Natural Spirituality

Foundations of Natural Spirituality, Bahram Elahi, Element Books, 1997 A professor of pediatric surgery, Bahram Elahi, M.D., uses medicine and its terminology to examine the metaphysical dimension of human beings in unprecedented fashion. Drawing sharp and vivid analogies to cellular biology, the immune system, and ecology, Professor Elahi presents spirituality as a precise and experimental […]

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