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Clashing over beliefs

By - Aug 17, 2010 - Category Articles
two bulls fighting

How come we feel so upset when our beliefs are not shared by others? Why should disagreement over our convictions get us so often into trouble with one another? How do we come to despise or detest someone only because they disagree with what we say? When our freedom of thought is not at stake, […]

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A view on ethics

Bahram Elahi, A view on ethics

The Ostad Elahi Foundation for Ethics and Human Solidarity (Fondation Ostad Elahi – Éthique et Solidarité humaine) recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary. In the address he delivered in Paris on that occasion, Prof. Bahram Elahi reviewed the objectives of the Foundation, emphasising the fact that their inspiration is directly drawn from Ostad Elahi’s thought—one “centred […]

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