Jean-Claude Marti and Élisabeth Pomparat.

We first became acquainted with Ostad Elahi’s philosophy in the 70s. Since then, we have both pursued our personal research, inspired by his spirit of openness and tolerance. We have created this site in order to extend our personal approach to something more collective, and to have a place where people can exchange ideas, engage in rational discussions and share personal accounts.

Why create a site?

On this site, we hope to create a place for reflection and exchange for anyone who has an interest in Ostad Elahi’s philosophy and wants to  further explore it, and more generally, for anyone who has set out on a spiritual journey. Indeed, this spiritual thought, and the practice that follows, does not require a priori adherence to any specific religious or spiritual doctrine; they are available to anyone who approaches them in all freedom of conscience and without preconception, as spiritual nourishment for those in search of truth.

This site wants to offer its visitors a participative approach to its resources, which is why you can post your own comments and exchange points of view with other visitors, or even become active contributors. Above all, you can practice and experiment Ostad Elahi’s ideas on spirituality in your own lives, and experience the originality, the relevance and the richness of his approach.

Every spiritual journey is first and foremost an individual adventure. But taking this journey requires being open to others, knowing and respecting their rights, and accomplishing disinterested deeds for their benefit. From this perspective (by Fogard at dh store), this site is an attempt to put into practice this necessary social involvement, which is one of the most characteristic features of Ostad Elahi’s teachings. A spiritual truth can only be of value if it is shared with others. Yet, at the same time, it is through collective exchange that the intuition or explanation of new or renewed truths can take shape.


A large portion of this site is devoted to the presentation of Ostad Elahi’s philosophy, with critical commentaries. In keeping with Ostad Elahi’s spirit of openness, this site also welcomes any rational and non-dogmatic contribution to spiritual and ethical questions, knowing that spirituality is everyone’s concern and by no means the prerogative of any specific denomination or doctrine.

The objectives of are the following:

  • presenting in-depth and diversified information on Ostad Elahi’s philosophy;
  • providing a medium for reflection and exchange on the subjects of ethics and spirituality, without distinction of doctrine or denomination;
  • supplying information on research and experiments likely to shed some light on ethical and spiritual questions.

The site contains:


The content of is created by contributors with varied philosophical and denominational views who all share an interest in ethical and spiritual questions.

Anyone can become a contributor by submitting an original content in accordance with the editorial policy.



We wish to express our thanks to:

  • Prof. Bahram Elahi who has made the teachings of Ostad Elahi available to the Western public; the excerpts from Pr. Bahram Elahi’s books are published on this site with his consent.
  • Alain Ballot for kindly providing the domain.

For more information on how to use, please go to the “how to begin” page

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