A biographical site about Ostad Elahi, his life, works and philosophy. This site contains anecdotes and excerpts from his written works.


A website devoted to Ostad Elahi’s thought, drawing on innovative pedagogical methods such as daily exercises and online evaluations. Making the best use of these resources requires a certain amount of personal commitment, starting with the regular reading of books—as illustrated by the first “module” focusing on the study of Knowledge of the Spirit.


A user-friendly online platform providing an original tool to set up, organise and sustain a personal practice. Its goal is to enable anyone interested in undertaking an ethical and spiritual practice to best adjust their strategy and to improve the quality of their work over time.


An Internet radio that broadcasts Ostad Elahi’s musical works 24X7, including excerpts from CDs by the tanbur master, as well as unreleased recordings.


A journey to the center of Ostad Elahi’s universe: from the village where he was born to a virtual visit of his shrine in Iran. A wealth of information: photos, videos, interactive features, etc.

A pleasant way of discovering Ostad Elahi’s personality.


The site of the “Fondation Ostad Elahi – Ethique et solidarité humaine” (Ostad Elahi Foundation – Ethics and Human Solidarity), a French state-approved foundation recognized as beneficial for the general public. It presents the works of the Foundation (publications, symposia, research grants, etc.), whose purpose is to foster a concrete reflection for our times on the topic of ethics.


Dedicated to the life and works of Malak Jan Nemati, an exceptional woman and the sister of Ostad Elahi. Beautiful pictures of Malak Jan and of the village where she was born.


The biography of Malak Jan, also called “Saint Jani”, and a presentation of the elegant memorial built over her tomb in a small village of the Perche region in France.

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