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“One character weak point after another”: a new lab on OstadElahi-inPractice

one character weak point after another

After two “28 days straight” labs (In Ostad Elahi’s footsteps and One day, one Maxim) OstadElahi inPractice has gone back at the request of numerous users, to its classic 5-phase labs.

The website will soon offer a new lab entitled “One character weak point after another – delving within our unconscious psyche”. As this title suggests, the objective is self-knowledge. Users will be invited to follow a protocol—as is appropriate for students in the medicine of the soul—that will allow them to progressively diagnose their character weak points.

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Diagrams of the self and their effect in practice: when the mind becomes tangible

brain representation with hand

In the latest French edition of The Path of Perfection published earlier this year, Professor Bahram Elahi presents a model of the human soul, or what he also calls the true self – a preview of which had already been given on this site. In this model, the soul, just like the body, is presented through a series of anatomy-like diagrams as an actual organism: a psychospiritual organism with which it is necessary to become familiar in order to perfect one’s humanity.

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Our ultimate reality: excerpt 3 of a lecture by Bahram Elahi, MD

Bahram Elahi, Our ultimate reality

Nested in the cocoon of our ego like silkworms, we are unaware of what we really are. Bahram Elahi develops the metaphysical as well as ethical implications of this striking image. The reality of the self consists in a plurality of functions and levels of consciousness in dynamic interaction, as illustrated—in figures—by the polarity between “surface conscious self” and “deep conscious self” (“inner guide”). Some key-ideas to help us break the cocoon…

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Excursion in my deep conscious self

By - Mar 31, 2012 - Category Practice
Excursion in my deep conscious self

We live in our ego… well, I don’t know about you, but that is certainly true for myself. This became clear to me after I listened to—and reflected on—the distinction between surface conscious self and deep conscious self as it is presented here. The surface conscious self is my ego, my demanding self, this self that wants to be recognised by others, that wants others to love me, admire me, that wants everything to be for me and only for me, that takes every opportunity to get offended, that gets on its high horse over the tiniest criticism, that sees itself at the centre of the world with everybody else on the outskirts, that thinks I know better, that dreads getting relegated to second place and doesn’t like its rivals to succeed at anything, that revels in compliments and remembers them with delight, that believed others owe me attention, consideration, that they should listen to me…

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The soul and the conscious self: excerpt 1 of a lecture by Bahram Elahi, MD (and other excerpts)

Bahram Elahi, The soul and the conscious self

Ostad Elahi used to define his teachings as a new medicine of the soul: one that is adapted to the true nature of human beings and adheres to the law of causality governing both their spiritual and material lives. The spirituality he practiced was natural spirituality, and he considered the process of spiritual perfection to […]

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