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What other world for my soul?

Bubbles in the sky

Shortly before he was executed Socrates confided to one of his disciples that there was nothing to fear in death for the friends of knowledge. Indeed, if it is true that the body is merely a tomb for the soul, a form of unconsciousness that is lifted at death, what is there to fear for those who have dedicated their lives to seeking truth and justice?

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A few fundamental principles: excerpt 4 of a lecture by Bahram Elahi, MD

Bahram Elahi, A Few Fundamental Principles

Ostad Elahi used to define his teachings as a new medicine of the soul: one that is adapted to the true nature of human beings and adheres to the law of causality governing both their spiritual and material lives. The spirituality he practiced was natural spirituality, and he viewed the process of spiritual perfection as a curriculum.

The excerpts presented here are drawn from a lecture given at the Sorbonne in March 2011, in which Professor Bahram Elahi revisits various aspects of Ostad Elahi’s philosophy. Rephrasing them in a simple and direct manner, he relates these points to fundamental questions and examines them from a rational standpoint.

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By - Apr 16, 2012 - Category Conceptbox

At the basis of natural spirituality, there is a belief: death is not an end; it is a passage into a more subtle dimension of reality, into another world that Bahram Elahi calls the “interworld”.

For the author of Foundations of Natural Spirituality, the concept of interworld is not yet another way of designating the afterlife, thereby fulfilling the human need to believe in the survival of the soul after death. The word is a translation of the Arabic “barzakh” (the “in-between” where souls await the Last Judgment), which points to a necessity intrinsic to the system of successive lives.

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Consciousness and near-death experiences – Pim van Lommel, M.D.

By - Jul 25, 2011 - Category Interviews
Pim van Lommel

What can we learn from near-death experiences (NDEs)?
According to cardiologist Pim van Lommel, MD, author of Consciousness Beyond Life, the main difficulty is to understand what it means to be the witness of one’s own clinical death – a phenomenon that challenges ordinary logic.
Yet NDEs are not only a scientific enigma: their far-reaching ethical and spiritual implications remain to be spelled out.

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Worlds and interworlds: revelation or rational hypothesis?

By - Apr 11, 2011 - Category Articles

If our approach to spirituality is to be rational, where should we stand on the issue of worlds and the interworld? Must we blindly “believe” what we are told and view such concepts as mere revelation, or should we consider the possibility of their existence in a rational way?
One way of attempting a “rational” apprehension of worlds and the Interworld is to reflect on the notion of “absolute divine justice”. Let’s lay out the following alternative: either there is such a thing as divine justice (God is just), or it is mere fancy.

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What happens between our lives ?

Michael Newton

Michael Newton, Ph.D., started as a California state-certified Master Hypnotherapist. He is the renowned author of several groundbreaking books on the subject of past life regression: Journey of Souls (1994), Destiny of Souls (2000), and more recently, Life between lives (2004). He is also the editor of Memories of the Afterlife (2009), which includes a […]

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