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Six testimonials on prayer. What about you?

Testimonials on prayer

What is prayer? What function does it have in our lives and how do we practice it? drew a few questions on this theme from interviews conducted with six public figures. From the actor to the priest, to the intellectual, to the dancer, all answer these questions in their own words.
Following this video, you too will have the opportunity to define the personal meaning you give to prayer by participating in a short poll.

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Consciousness and near-death experiences – Pim van Lommel, M.D.

By - Jul 25, 2011 - Category Interviews
Pim van Lommel

What can we learn from near-death experiences (NDEs)?
According to cardiologist Pim van Lommel, MD, author of Consciousness Beyond Life, the main difficulty is to understand what it means to be the witness of one’s own clinical death – a phenomenon that challenges ordinary logic.
Yet NDEs are not only a scientific enigma: their far-reaching ethical and spiritual implications remain to be spelled out.

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Ostad Elahi: a spiritual heritage

Leili Anvar, Ostad Elahi, a spiritual heritage

This is a short excerpt from the French TV program “Les Chemins de la Foi” (The Routes of Faith) broadcasted on March 27, 2011. The significance of Ostad Elahi and Malek Jân Nemati’s spiritual heritage is discussed during an interview of two specialists of the mystical traditions of Iran: Leili Anvar, Associate Professor of Persian […]

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The relevance of Ostad Elahi’s Knowing the Spirit

Interview of James Morris

James Morris, Ph. D., is professor of Theology at Boston College. A specialist of islamic philosophy, he has written authoritative studies on Ibn ’Arabi and Mulla Sadra’s metaphysics. His most recent publications include a translation of Ostad Elahi’s Knowing the Spirit (SUNY, 2006), a book which he also prefaced and annotated.

In first part of this video interview published by, Prof. Morris discusses the reasons that led him to study this particular work. He emphasises its relevance and place in today’s modern world by explaining how Ostad Elahi invites his readers to relate the arguments developed in his study to their own personal spiritual experience.

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What happens between our lives ?

Michael Newton

Michael Newton, Ph.D., started as a California state-certified Master Hypnotherapist. He is the renowned author of several groundbreaking books on the subject of past life regression: Journey of Souls (1994), Destiny of Souls (2000), and more recently, Life between lives (2004). He is also the editor of Memories of the Afterlife (2009), which includes a […]

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Altruism: an interview with Bahram Elahi, M.D.

The editorial board has asked Prof. Bahram Elahi for an interview on the theme of altruism. Having spent more than forty years delving deeper into the philosophy and thought of his father while carrying out his own research and experimentation, he has made Ostad Elahi’s philosophical and spiritual work known to a wider public through his numerous publications. In this interview, he explains the meaning of altruism for those who are striving towards perfection and provides us with some keys to its reasoned practice.

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Music and spirituality

By - Jul 30, 2009 - Category Interviews

Jean During, a specialist in Central Asia and author of numerous books, here describes the particular characteristics of Ostad Elahi’s music, putting it in relation with his spiritual teachings. The questions examined are the following: Why is Ostad Elahi recognized as the “master” of tanbur? To what extent and how did he reinvent its musical […]

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