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The art of Ostad Elahi: full-length version


The latest in the activities organized these past years around the exhibition of Ostad Elahi’s instruments at the New York Metropolitan Museum now include the full-length version of the film The Art of Ostad Elahi, featured on, Ostad Elahi’s official website.

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At the Met, the tanbur is back

Showcase of Ostad Elahi's instruments at the MET

The tanbur is back… A few months ago, in 2018, a couple of steps away from the oldest piano in the world, a showcase was inaugurated in the department of musical instruments at the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York). Dedicated to a few “famous musicians” of the 20th century, it featured a Benny Goodman clarinet next to a guitar that belonged to Andrés Segovia as well as one of Ostad Elahi’s tanburs, crafted by the lute maker Nariman, along with a video including explanations and archived images that harked back to the 2014-2015 Sacred Lute exhibit, that we covered here.

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[News] Video of a “Sunday at the Met” dedicated to the Art of Ostad Elahi

Metropolitan Museum of Art

A lecture and a series of concerts presented on 16 November 2014 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in conjunction with the exhibition The Sacred Lute: The Art of Ostad Elahi are now available in video on the website of the museum. This “Sunday at the Met” features an introduction by Ken Moore, Curator in Charge of the Department of Musical Instruments, a lecture by Jean During, Director of Research at the Centre de Recherche en Ethnomusicologie and performances by the Garcia-Fons Quartet and Parissa and Ensemble.

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[News] Clive Bell in The Wire on Ostad Elahi’s music

The wire logo

The musician, composer and writer Clive Bell dedicates his November column in the British music magazine The Wire to Ostad Elahi’s music and the current exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, “The Sacred Lute: The Art of Ostad Elahi”.

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NYC-ARTS: a tour of the exhibition “The Sacred Lute: The Art of Ostad Elahi”

NYC Arts - The Sacred Lute, The Art of Ostad Elahi

Ken Moore, Curator in charge of the Department of Musical Instruments at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, gives a tour of the exhibition “The Sacred Lute: The Art of Ostad Elahi” on NYC-ARTS’s latest episode.

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[News] New CD “The Sacred Lute: the Art of Ostad Elahi” on WNYC

Ostad Elahi, The Sacred Lute - detail of the cover

John Schaefer showcases an excerpt of the special commemorative CD-book issued by the Metropolitan Museum and Harmonia Mundi for the exhibit, “The Sacred Lute: The Art of Ostad Elahi”, on the New Sounds programme of 30 September 2014 (Episode #3643), on WNYC.

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[News] “The Sacred Lute: The Art of Ostad Elahi” at the Met

1966 Ostad Elahi playing the tanbur

An exhibit opens this week at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, wholly devoted to the musical heritage of Ostad Elahi.

The exhibition runs from Aug. 5 2014 to Jan. 11 2015. Exhibition Location: The Hagop Kevorkian Fund Special Exhibition Gallery, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Tribute to Hadj Nemat

By - Feb 28, 2014 - Category Articles

Hadj Nemat, Ostad Elahi’s father, passed away on 28 February 1920. The following two documents honour the memory of this great spiritual figure who also happened to be an inspired mystical poet. The first is Renaud Garcia-Fons and Claire Antonini’s musical tribute based on Hadj Nemat’s “Monajat”: it was recorded a the Maison de Radio France on February 25th. The second document, a poem entitled “Unfaithfulness of the World”, is one of the masterpieces of Hadj Nemat’s The Book of the Kings of Truths. The English translation we republish here was done by Martin Hoffman, on the basis of Leili Anvar’s French version.

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Music and spirituality

By - Jul 30, 2009 - Category Interviews

Jean During, a specialist in Central Asia and author of numerous books, here describes the particular characteristics of Ostad Elahi’s music, putting it in relation with his spiritual teachings. The questions examined are the following: Why is Ostad Elahi recognized as the “master” of tanbur? To what extent and how did he reinvent its musical […]

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