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Foolish pride, foolish arrogance—feed the fire with that vain Self!

This article completes the series based on Attar’s Canticle of Birds (also known as the Conference of the Birds), following “The nightingale and the rose: from attachment to renunciation” and “Our intimate enemy: the imperious self”. We now turn to an aspect of the imperious self that stalks all spiritual seekers: pride and arrogance in spirituality. Attar evokes it in the form of an earthy anecdote…

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Our intimate enemy: the imperious self

This article is part of an ongoing series on Attar’s Canticle of the Birds (also known as The Conference of the Birds), a spiritual text rich in lessons for spiritual practice. For more information about the book and its author, please refer to the first article in this series entitled “The nightingale and the rose: from attachment to renouncement”.
The focus of this article is on our most intimate enemy: the imperious self. Here is how it is portrayed by Attar…

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The nightingale and the rose: from attachment to renunciation — Review of results

Many of us have participated in the reflection activity proposed at the end of the article “The nightingale and the rose: from attachment to renunciation” and have examined the question of how we can apply in our lives the hoopoe’s advice to the nightingale enamoured of the rose. What are then these roses—or attachments—that too often fill our thoughts or take up space in our lives to the point that we neglect that which is essential?

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The nightingale and the rose: from attachment to renunciation

"The Canticle of the Birds" by Attar – Diane de Selliers Editeur

For those engaged on a spiritual journey, delving into the works of great spiritual figures can be a way to connect to God and benefit from the spiritual lessons contained in these works. In this regard, Ostad Elahi points out that the miracles that may have been performed by great divine personalities in their times are useless to us today. Their works, on the other, hand “guide us on the right path and never become obsolete”. Among these works, he mentions in particular the Canticle of the Birds by the poet Attar, and the “thousands of useful points” it contains for us.

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Figures of the Beloved in the works of Malak Jan Nemati (1906-1993)

By - Dec 30, 2012 - Category Resources,Resources - Other
Poésies des Suds et des Orients

Malak Jan Nemati was Ostad Elahi’s sister, but also his most brilliant student and the most passionate one. She found in him a way to connect to the Divine, a figure of the Beloved, inspiring the images and metaphors that filled her poetry. Leili Anvar analyses the meaning of these images and metaphors in the […]

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